Borrowing and Renewing


RSML patrons may borrow library materials by presenting their library card at the Circulation Desk. This will give them borrowing and renewing privileges in the Library Catalogue.


Renewals are permitted if no other patron has requested the materials. Library items may be renewed once. Materials can be renewed via phone or in-person. Renewed materials may be recalled to the Library at any time. Circulation privileges and patron’s library account will be suspended until returning the materials.

Patron’s Responsibilities as a Borrower

It is expected that patrons will take care to return an item in the same condition it was in when they checked it out. Library patrons are charged for lost or damaged books checked out on their IDs. Patrons are personally responsible for paying all fines that they incur for overdue items and for paying the replacement cost of any item lost or irreparably damaged while checked out to them.

Hold Requests (Book Reservations)

Hold requests for library materials on loan can be made by patrons. Reserved books are held for readers at the Circulation Desk not more than one day.

PLEASE NOTE! Be considerate of other patrons. If you have placed a hold request, but no longer need the material, please cancel the request.

Search Services

The patrons of the library can either search medical information on needed topics by themselves, or they can address them to the Information and Access Services Department. The librarian performs biomedical information searches and provides the patron with the list of references to journal articles on needed topics.

The following filters are used while realizing information searches:
. Specific terms
. Aspect of care (e.g. diagnosis, treatment)
. Include/Exclude (e.g. conditions, drugs, techniques)
. Purpose (e.g. clinical, research, other)
. Specific age group

Information searches are usually completed within 3 days, not including the weekends. Search results can be emailed to the requester or picked up at the library.
Information searches performed by the librarian will save the patron time and effort.

Library Email Alerts

RSML uses an electronic mailing list to distribute latest and most read biomedicalnews of the world as well asinformation about the Library activity. To sign up for email alert enter your email address in the requested box in the left menu bar. After entering your email address you’ll receive library updates.

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Besides being the main storage and provider of biomedical information RSML has educational responsibilities in the process of graduate medical education and CME.

Library Workshops and Classes

RSML offers classes and workshops for health professionals and medical librarians. The aim of the classes is to train them to utilize the library and internet resources through the following options:
. Finding quick and useful medical information
. Developing a strategy for finding information

Open-Air Reading Place

The garden of the library functions as an open-air reading place with Wi-Fi connection. Readers can access biomedical databases, electronic medical books and journals with reading devices (e-readers) provided by the library.

Open Access to the Paid Biomedical Resources

The library periodically subscribes to the most popular biomedical databases with high rating, such as HINARI, UpToDate, DynaMed. As a result, library readers always have free access to the international highly rated biomedical databases.